basic literacyLVEP’s Basic Literacy learners are those whose first language is English. These are people who, for a variety of reasons, need to improve their reading and writing skills and LVEP offers one-on-one tutoring opportunities.

To become a basic literacy learner with our program, individuals must complete a Student Profile. Profile forms are available at the LVEP office or call the office (304-264-0298), to request an emailed electronic form or a form to be sent through the regular mail. Once the Profile has been returned, it will be reviewed and an interview will be set up so that the learner can discuss interests and goals.

The second part of the interview includes an assessment of reading level so that when the learner is matched with a tutor s/he will be working at a level that will encourage learning and success instead of frustration and discouragement.

After the interview and assessment, a match will be made with a tutor as soon as one becomes available; there is usually a wait list, but every effort will be made to assign a tutor as quickly as possible. Potential learners may contact the LVEP office periodically to find out their status.

Once a match has been made, an initial meeting will be set up at an appropriate public place. The purpose of this meeting is for the tutor and learner to become acquainted and to set a tutoring schedule. The learner will be asked to sign a contract that lays out her/his responsibilities with regard to attendance and assignments.